Dodgeball Tournament

The 2nd Annual Kraig’s Dodgeball Tournament is September 28th, 2019 at Barnstable High School Gymnasium from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  All proceeds will benefit Kraig Andre’ Diggs Scholarship Fund! Register your team today!

$160 per team. A Dodgeball Team consists of Eight(8) Players, with up to Two(2) Substitutes. All Players must wear their Team’s Official Uniforms. This is a 32 team tournament.

Cash prizes to the top teams.  Best team uniform gets a prize, too.  Lunch and bottled water is included for all Dodgeball players.

New this year

• The 2019 champion team will be awarded a trophy.
• Purchase up to two alternate players at $20 each
• Fast team check-in process
• Team picture will be taken in front of event banner immediately after team check-in
• Official referees with uniformed shirts.

Last year’s champion team was Fresh Ketch! Can your team beat them this year?

Dodgeball Team of 8


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Dodgeball Team of 8 + 1 alternate player


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Dodgeball Team of 8 + 2 alternates


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Kraig’s Dodgeball Tournament Rules

1. A Team consists of Eight (8) Players, with up to Two (2) Substitutes. All Players must wear their Team’s Official Uniforms.

2. There will be Six (6) balls, divided into Two (2) groups at the Ends of the Centerline. The Referee will officially “Signal” the beginning of each Contest. During the Opening Rush, a team may Only obtain balls on their Designated Side.

3. A Player is Eliminated from Game Play if:

  • A. They Step Over the Centerline, Endline, or Sideline.
  • B. A Thrown Ball hits any part of their Body from the Shoulders to Feet, before Touching the Ground (Notation- If a Player attempts to Duck, Crouch, or Hunker to Reduce their Actual Height and Avoid a Thrown Ball, and is thereby Contacted in the Head/Neck areas; that Player is Eliminated).
  • C. A Throw Ball is Caught by an Opponent before Contacting the Ground.
  • D. A Held Ball is impacted by a Thrown Ball from an Opponent, and Drops to the Ground.
  • E. A Thrown Ball can only Eliminate 1 Opposing Player, before Contacting the Ground.
  • F. Eliminated Players must Form a Line on the Referee Sideline, on their Half of the Court. An Eliminated Player can Reenter Competition if they are First in Line (earliest player eliminated) and a Player from their Team Catches a Thrown Ball from the Opposition. The Reinstated Player must Touch the Endline before becoming Active.

4. A Player can Hold a Ball for No Longer than Twenty(20) Seconds. After this time has Elapsed, the Player must Roll the Ball across the Centerline to the Opposing Team. Game Officials will Monitor and Enforce this Timeframe.

5.  ​If a Game features 1 Player per Team, a Showdown will commence. Each Player will receive 2 Ball, with 2 Balls placed at the Ends of the Centerline. Each Player will begin on Endline, the Centerline will be Dissolved, and the First Player to Eliminate their Opponent, will achieve victory for their Team.

6. Each Game will be overseen by a Badged Referee(R) and Official(U1), who represent the Final Arbiters of the Rules, and all expressed concerns. Rules are based on International Dodgeball (I.D.A / W.D.A) guidelines.